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Check Out Our New Digs!

It's been a long road, what with delays in planning, equipment, pandemic-related permits, supply chain issues! But we officially moved into our new location (265 W. Washington St) on July 4, 2022. We're still waiting for stuff to arrive (signs are still in permitting, furniture is delayed by months), but we're finally here. Come check out our new digs! It's brand-spanking new, midcentury modern, both warm and inviting and also just slightly fancy. We also have ample free parking, and we're in a one-story building with an entrance steps away from your parked car.

Check out the photos section, or swing by and say hi. We will get professional photos done once all our signs and new furniture arrive, but… not to toot our own horn, we think it already looks pretty good! :)

We think you'll love it… or if you hate it, please don't tell us… we worked really hard on it!)


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